Welcome – Our Story

Preciously Rooted…

The organic extra virgin olive oil yama,
by Georgoulas Family,
is bottled, sealing its rich aroma, its fullness of flavour,
its vivid color and its long history of existence
in a specially designed premium packaging,
released in a unique limited edition line.

sealing its history

…from the  Depths
of our Taste Memory

After three generations of perpetually grafting
this precious stone fruit with our family’s love and care,
we decided to follow the deep roots that unite us
by bringing the organic extra virgin olive oil yama to the present, closer to a larger audience,
sharing our passion and love for its treasured history.

yama  is also rich in polyphenols*, 
which can have a beneficial effect on health!
*According to studies, an olive oil rich in polyphenols, can have beneficial effect on various diseases ,
such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, hypertension, inflammation, skin aging and more !